Project Delivery Features


The Project Scheduling functionality through Microsoft Project Server enables easy access to project planning, scheduling and collaboration

  • Create centralized project scheduling and management for project managers, project teams and decision makers
  • Provide a web-based view of the project schedule that is maintained on Project Server in Microsoft Project Professional
  • Measure project progress including key milestones, delays and completion of tasks critical to the project’s success


The Work Management functionality manages everyday work and tasks to increase visibility of team member’s progress on project activities

  • Prioritize project activities so you and your team are aligned on critical project activities
  • Receive automatic notifications for tasks assigned to you for a project
  • Track open or uncompleted tasks through landing page to ensure timelines are never missed


The Demand Management functionality manages the forecast and demand of your resources and projects

  • Proactively analyze and manage resource capacity and demand at the project or portfolio level
  • Analyze project requests for complete resource  visibility to project information and informed decision making
  • Prioritize projects within a program to ensure your activities align with actual resource availability


The Resource Management functionality allows resource managers to assign resources to projects, allocate tasks based on skillset and track resource utilization

  • Integrate resource names, rates and other attributes directly from Active Directory or other ERP systems
  • Assign work to resources in the project itself or via the resource center matching resource skill sets to the role required for a task and easily move work assignments around through drag and drop functionality
  • Easy reporting allows for quick views of current resource utilization based on assigned tasks across the all projects


The Time and Task Management functionality captures and generates status on project work to help gauge progress and to anticipate the effect on delivery, effort and cost

  • Centralize time capture in one place to unify time and task status updates
  • Capture working time, non-working time and billing categories to support payroll, invoicing, and project costing
  • Establish dependencies between project tasks to ensure activities are completed based on defined schedule constraints


The Portfolio Analytics and Selection functionality helps prioritize the project investments and deliver selection results aligned with the intended business values

  • Effectively evaluate the strategic contribution of the project portfolio to determine alignment and streamline project initiation
  • Align projects against key business drivers to ensure chosen projects support strategic organizational goals
  • Define budget constraints and quickly choose projects that best fit within the desired budget and align closely with your business drivers


The Ideation functionality utilizes Microsoft SharePoint to collect project ideas and lists for easy collaboration and sharing

  • Create custom lists, collect ideas and requests and document collaboration between team members
  • Tailor lists and collection fields to your specific project and audience
  • Collect unique project information through custom fields


The Team Collaboration functionality through Microsoft SharePoint helps support a team’s ability to effectively find and share information regarding projects

  • Create Project Sites and discussions to effectively share project ideas, updates and correspondences
  • Control document reviews and revisions with automated approval workflows
  • Robust search capabilities allow for you to quickly and easily find related documents and discussions


The Delivery Milestone module creates and documents major project milestones to monitor project status and progression

  • Easily create project milestones to evaluate project progress
  • Measure project success through smaller gates to ensure project changes and delays are quickly visible
  • View reports for a quick identification of milestone status and to share project progress with others