Project Controls Features


The Meeting Center module creates efficiency and structure within your project meeting processes to minimize the miscommunication that often slows down projects

  • Quickly create meetings and record required meeting details including purpose, time, date, attendees, agenda and meeting items. Send the meeting agenda to all attendees with the push of a button
  • Easily add attendees and send meeting notifications with contact and calendar settings linked directly to internal employee resource systems. Create distribution lists for system generated courtesy copies
  • Assign and manage action items and key deliverable dates with email notifications
  • Capture and send meeting notes and meeting items in email format or as a PDF document to share with meeting attendees and management team


The Request for Information (RFI) module provides one interface to ensure accountability and transparency in the RFI process

  • Submit questions, track responses to/from the submitting company and both internal and external respondents
  • Send system generated emails soliciting RFI comments prior to response and track all email responses. Email tracking is not visible to the person or company submitting the response
  • Attach electronic documents such as specs, plans or photos to the RFI to ensure all needed information is provided at time of submission
  • Submit response communication via email, on any device. Use laptops, smartphones or tablets to enhance response time


The Issues Management module minimizes schedule, scope and cost impacts by identifying key issues requiring attention within a project

  • Create, assign, manage and report on project issues for team members and sub-contractors
  • Send system generated emails to the individual assigned to an issue
  • Attach electronic documents such as project plans, specs or photos to the issue to ensure accurate understanding of task
  • Create and print customized issues checklists by job type, trade or area
  • Generate issues reports showing all issue descriptions, creator, open and close dates responsible party and status


The Risk Management module helps manage critical elements of an organization, compliance, financial and operational risk management initiatives

  • Assign risk probability to the project risks and further define status, owner, impact, cost, contingency plan, trigger and mitigation plan
  • Configure risk thresholds by individual project
  • Monitor project risks and manage risk response strategies on one platform
  • Assess problem areas, proactively adjust processes to respond to issues and track progress through reports


The Submittals module allows for easy creation and tracking of submittals and submittal packages

  • Create, manage and track all submittals and submittal packages associated with a project directly from the DELCON platform
  • Filter and search submittals by date, description, status, project type and more
  • Attach electronic documents such as shop drawings, project data or PDFs to ensure the submittal includes all required information
  • Route submittal items for review and comments prior to final processing and process submittal package items from one view


The Action Items module manages the list of action items and prioritizes the items that warrant increased focus for the project and contract managers

  • Document action items, assign items to responsible parties and manage status. Send system generated emails to assigned individuals
  • Attach electronic documents such as project plans or specs to the action item to ensure all needed information is provided
  • Notify involved resources of new action items directly from module. System creates PDF version of the action item to include in email notification
  • Generate action item reports showing all item descriptions, creator, open and close dates, responsible party and status


The Insurance Center module allows project team members to capture the insurance details and create audit capabilities for each outside vendor

  • Create, manage and track all insurance information in one, easy-to-access location including company name, insurance company, address, contact details and all insurance specifics
  • Attach a PDF to capture original documentation and have it available for access when needed
  • View, save and print all insurance information to keep records of new updates or changes. Save the information in PDF format for emailing and reference


The Notice to Comply module allows users to identify and mandate the correction of observed project deficiencies

  • Create, assign, manage and report on compliance notices for team members and sub-contractors
  • Attach any electronic document such as project plans, specs or photos to the issue to ensure accurate understanding of task
  • Filter and search notices by date, author, company, subject or status
  • Reduce communication delays and inconsistent information between teams by documenting key compliance issues from the jobsite- on one platform


The Closeout Log module provides the ability to create a list of items required to closeout a contract or project

  • Create and track project closeout details for each vendor
  • View and manage all open closeout items and update status as materials are received or tasks are completed
  • Track due dates and submission dates directly from the system, issue email notifications to vendors as due dates are approaching
  • Filter closeout logs by status to stay up to date on open items and vendor details


The Lessons Learned module captures lessons learned for occurrences within a project or program

  • Create and manage all lessons learned information by project or by program to apply to future projects throughout your organization
  • Track lesson topic, observation, steps to resolve and project type directly from the module.  Attach a PDF to the lesson learned for easy reference to related materials
  • Collect data from current and historical sources and allow team members to easily disseminate the lessons to others
  • Email notifications keep team members and executives up to date on lessons learned and new findings


The Transmittals module allows users to keep track of all project sent and received communications to ensure key project details are not lost

  • Easily track project communications from multiple parties to ensure information transparency and alignment
  • Maintain a record of all communications sent and received for reliable project recording, legal disputes or liability
  • Track communications sent and received from owners, construction managers, general and specialty contractors, engineers and more