Document Management Features


The Files and Folders feature creates a file structure for project documents with the option to create a multi-level folder structure

  • Create enterprise or project level file structures for your project related documents and images
  • Quickly store documents in appropriate folders or sub-folders to centralize and organize project information for team member use
  • Easily drag and drop a file or multiple files into folders for faster organization


The Mass Upload feature provides the ability to upload multiple files into a shared work space for all users to access

  • Choose the folders for the individual documents before the files begin uploaded
  • Enable easy searching by assigning metadata terms for each new file
  • Continue working in the system while your files finish uploading – receive a notification when file uploads are complete


The Check In and Check Out feature allows team members to check in and out documents for reliable version control and management

  • Check in documents to make the document available to other team members to open, edit, share the document and track the changes
  • Check out documents to lock the document from editing in order to avoid simultaneous edit conflicts
  • New and edited document versions are automatically time stamped and display the author who last modified the document


The Revision Control feature ensures the latest version of the accessible document is always available for users

  • Choose to route newly updated documents through an approval workflow to guarantee visibility and alignment on all document revisions
  • Build an automated workflow in minutes to ensure project managers,  team member or executives approve the changes before posting
  • New and edited document versions are automatically time stamped and show author who last modified the document


The Metadata File Searching feature allows users to find and access documents faster with convenient metadata search capabilities

  • Apply metadata tags to documents as they are uploaded in to the system
  • Easily define and manage metadata search terms to ensure document searching is defined based on organizational standards
  • Quickly search documents, images and reports in system using key search terms


The Automated Workflows feature allows users to easily create, manage and apply automated workflows for approvals, document management or governance processes

  • Ensure all stakeholders have visibility to important project documents and any changes that may affect project status, cost or delivery
  • Build custom workflow processes for each project or approval type
  • Create workflow templates to easily reference past workflows, approvers and processes


The Drawings and Specifications feature allows users to store project drawings and specifications directly in the system

  • Easily track version through an automated naming feature which is predefined by the administrator
  • Quickly access and view documents on the jobsite – directly from your laptop, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection
  • Upload any type of drawing or spec into the system: CAD drawings, PDFs and more


Utilize Microsoft SharePoint to maximize your project and document management capabilities

  • SharePoint is fully integrated with the DELCON so users can seamlessly utilize all capabilities without ever leaving the DELCON platform
  • Build project sites to facilitate team collaboration and idea sharing
  • Maximize visibility and transparency with SharePoint’s robust document management features