Financials Management Features


The Budget Management module allows for budgets to be defined by cost breakdown structure based on forecast demands

  • View detailed reports of the overall budget consumption and distribution model and track budget line items against the master budget
  • Centralized budget information for complete visibility to real-time project financials and expected costs
  • Track committed versus uncommitted project costs, view potential changes and status of all budget modifications
  • View, save and print all budget information to keep records all budget changes.  Save worksheet as PDF for easy emailing and sharing


The Budget Modification module allows for budget changes to be recommended and approved through an enterprise automated workflow

  • Quickly make line item adjustments to the original budget definitions and allocations. All historical changes are tracked by user to ensure total budget security
  • Secure approvals of modifications through automated workflows; guarantee alignment and visibility before new funding is approved
  • Track all budget changes and modifications across a project or program


The Budget Summary module allows approved users to view all budget details allocated to the cost breakdown structure

  • View all budget line items, WBS codes, budget changes, approval status and in one central location
  • Capture all important budget information to analyze expected vs. actual spend
  • View, save and print all budget summary information to keep records all budget line items pertaining to each project or program
  • Share budget details with stakeholders with PDF for easy emailing and sharing


The Contract Center module allows for the creation and management of client contracts and schedule of values

  • Input vendor information, contract values and separate line items by labor, materials, equipment and more
  • Apply contracts to specific WBS codes for easy tracking and visibility all contract costs and commitments
  • Manage contract details including contract types, retainage, alternates and applied contract changes.  Enter and track contract information from the contract level to a schedule of values down to contract line detail information
  • Distribute contracts for approvals through defined workflows to owner and key stakeholders

Potential Cost Changes

The Potential Cost Changes module allows for the creation of cost forecasts to be evaluated within the financial summary

  • Propose potential cost and budget changes and post them directly to a specific WBS code
  • Progress potential cost changes from an initial pending status to an actual change order once the modification is applied
  • Distribute new changes through an automated workflow for full visibility and approvals from the owners
  • View, save and print all potential cost change information to keep records of all new items. Save as PDF for easy emailing and sharing

Financial Forecasting

The Financial Forecasting module allows a user to create time-phased plans through simple task builder

  • Create a financial plan for projected project expenses over a given period of time – use as a baseline reference for subsequent project activities and controlling
  • Track expected project cash flows, payments and revenues for life of project or program
  • Measure the actual financial operation of the project against the forecast financial plan and make adjustments where necessary
  • View, save and print all forecasting information to keep records expected costs and timing.  Save forecast as PDF for easy emailing and sharing


The Invoice Center module allows for the creation and tracking of general and contractual based invoices

  • Input vendor and invoice information directly into the system
  • Link project invoices to contract schedule of value line items in order to automatically apply costs against the contract vale
  • Track all invoice costs and payment status for up to date financial information
  • Attach all supporting documentation to invoice submissions for access to central, searchable repository


The Invoice Modification module allows for the submission of recommended invoice changes and workflow approvals

  • Quickly propose line item changes to the original project invoice costs
  • Capture original invoice number, description of change, cost and associated WBS
  • Send modification to owners and stakeholders for approval through an automated workflow
  • Only approved invoice modifications can be invoiced and integrated with the other project invoices and costs
  • Historical changes are tracked by user to ensure total security and visibility to invoice activities

Earned Value (EVMS)

The Earned Value module allows users to view and analyze real-time earned value data for each project and program

  • View project figures for Budget at Completion (BAC), Cost Variance (CV), Cost Performance Index (CPI), Estimate at Completion, Schedule Variance (SV), Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and more
  • Easily share through email with ability to convert to PDF or excel document
  • Quickly view a snapshot of current project status to ensure all activities are aligned with desired outcome

Financial Worksheet

The Financial Worksheet module provides visibility to all project transactions in a dynamic financial grid

  • View the overall scope of the project financials and conduct rapid financial analysis of all line item postings within the system
  • Capture total project or program costs, uncommitted costs, forecast, variance, actual costs, estimated costs to complete and more
  • Create real time project financial reports and easily save as PDF, email or use within the landing page dashboard
  • Ensure data analytics and collection processes are followed according to industry best practices